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An exceptional panorama, unique architecture

Climbing the towers of Reims Cathedral is an unusual way to discover a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, with its high statuary and 20th-century framework. Overlooking the city of the sacraments, the tour winds its way along the gilded roof.

A harmonious facade

The façade is divided vertically into three portals, the largest of which is in the center. The two lateral sections are topped by symmetrical towers.

From top to bottom, the facade is divided into four levels: the portals, the clear upper storey at the level of the nave's flying buttresses, the upper gallery or galerie des rois, and finally the belfries housing the bells.

Have you noticed? The facade of Reims Cathedral is distinguished by the absence of spires on the towers and by its portals with projecting doors and spandrels  The openwork design allows statues to be placed on the gable.   above them.

The sculptures on each portal correspond to a precise iconographic program: the one on the left represents the Passion of Christ, the one on the right the Apocalypse and the Last Judgment, and finally, in the center, the life and glorification of the Virgin Mary.

Façade occidentale de la cathédrale de Reims

© David Bordes / Centre des monuments nationaux

Tour of the cathedral towers

Take a walk along the recently restored roof and gaze upon the city of the sacraments ! Take a close-up look at the gigantic statues in the Galerie des rois, 4.60 meters high and weighing almost 8 tons !

Speaking of numbers, here are a few:

  • The towers of Reims Cathedral have 249 steps.
  • They rise to a height of 83 metres
  • The kings' floor is 40 meters high
  • The bell tower angel is perched 87 meters above the ground
  • Of the 2,302 statues, 58 king statues make up the façade
  • The 2000-cubic-meter frame weighs 1,600 tons.
Tours de la cathédrale dans la brume matinale

© Jean-Pierre Delagarde / Centre des monuments nationaux

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