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The bells of Reims Cathedral

The south tower of Reims Cathedral houses the building's largest bells. They are two large bells !

The large bells

The towers of Reims Cathedral mean height ! Take the 249-step spiral staircase up to the platform between the 2 towers of Reims Cathedral.

The building remains unfinished: a fire in 1481 prevented the construction of the spires, which are still missing from the towers today. Reaching over 80 metres in height, they should have reached 120 metres !

Today,only the south tower still holds the bronze bells that can be seen when you look up into the belfry: Charlotte and Marie ! Surprising, you may think... Not really !

These drones are named after their godparents.

  • Charlotte, donated in 1570 by Cardinal Charles de Lorraine, Archbishop of Reims from 1538 to 1574, weighs 10 tonnes and measures almost 2.5 metres in diameter.
  • Marie, a tribute to the Virgin Mary, weighs 7 tons and measures 2.2 meters in diameter.

Do bells still ring today ?

Yes, on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and All Saints' Day, as well as events such as the death or election of the Pope.

Dessin du beffroi de la tour sud de la cathédrale de Reims

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